Daniel Root is originally from Binghamton, New York.

His fine art and photography career began in 1984, doing production stills for theater, video shoots, television and portraiture for entertainment and corporate clients. This work continues today and has appeared in most major magazines throughout the world.

In 1987, Daniel began creating fine art photographs, beginning with the photography of abstract forms found in nature and the environment. This work continued with an exploration of the photographic printing process, using multiple negatives and repeated images on large paper.

By 1991, Daniel had eliminated the camera from the process, creating abstract images directly on sheets of color film, in the tradition of the photogram. Further work explored the abstract image on a surface of glass, reminiscent of the transparency found in a photographic negative. Recently these images have been applied to copper, where the focus and depth in the forms are achieved by layers of paint and beeswax.

Within the last few years, Daniel has revisited photography with the work exploring shadows, non-traditional printing surfaces, layering, and composites.